I have had a life-long love affair with words. As a child, I loved to sit for hours perusing through the Webster’s Dictionary, fascinated with how many words we have versus how many we actually know and use. But, as many times happens with adolescent boys, I soon found other interests that misdirected me and led me through doors I hadn’t then imagined. I also love psychology. The human brain and it’s sciences intrigue me. I always thought I would grow up to be a psychiatrist so initially I began college with a major in pre-med which would be necessary to take that path.

But, I wasn’t ready for college, not yet mature enough to appreciate where I was and what it had to offer. While in college, I and a friend started a little gun shop business. I would open the shop after I had finished my classes in the afternoon. That adventure let me to having adventurous conversations with police officers who were my customers and the next thing you know, I was wearing a blue uniform and carrying a gun for a living.

A few short years later, I was married and moving to a small town West of Nashville and wearing a similar brown uniform. I went from policing in a city of 80k (at the time – now 115k) to a rural county sheriff’s office with a total county population of about 25k. After a couple years, Governor McWherter initiated a program called the Governors Drug & Violent Crimes Task Force. I was immediately hooked, was hired as one of it’s first agents, and began my career in Drug Enforcement.

Eventually, I would have the opportunity to take over another Task Force as it’s Project Director which is how I landed in Shelbyville. Prior to that, I had brought a son into this world, divorced, and started a side business building and selling PC’s. While working in drug enforcement, my early interests in psychology led me to seek numerous specialized courses in interview and interrogation methods as well as graphology which combined my fascination with words and my love of psychology.

During those years, I saw and experienced a side of life that is perhaps unique but for the few who work in that world. On one hand, I had to hold myself to a high standard of ethics, on the other hand, I had to play the role of an unethical person. The dichotomy of those expectations along with the stresses of operating in the shadows – then managing and directing those operations – helped to create the man who write’s the words that you are reading today.

I didn’t know it at the time but I was developing diabetes. Both my paternal grandparents had it so I was genetically predisposed to get it and my lifestyle of working late nights, eating fast food, and working undercover in bars wasn’t really helping my case. My father died of cancer when I was a senior in High School so after I had begun to feel the effects of high blood sugar, I had convinced myself that I too had cancer. I was a very sick guy. My sickness contributed to high stress in my job and when an opportunity came my way to go into the private sector and make more money doing the same thing but as an owner, I jumped at the chance. I became a private investigator.

I have so many interesting and hilarious stories from those days, of course at the expense of those unwitting imbecile’s who graced the pages of my investigative contracts, and I hope to share a few of those along the way. I am a quick writer and a competent typist who can literally write nearly as fast as I type which is about 100 words per minute. So, whatever pops up in my head at the moment is what I write about.

My diabetes led me to go back to law enforcement in order to get medical insurance. Working for myself, I hadn’t yet made the connection between insurance and stability so I closed my full-time private investigation business and went back to work as a detective. I kept my license and worked PI cases on the side. During the Gov. Sundquist administration, I was appointed as a Commissioner for the TN Private Investigation & Polygraph Commission. Five years later, Gov. Bredesen reappointed me to a second and final term and I was elected Chairman of that body.

Somewhere along that time I, for the first time, became a responsible dad. I was always a good dad, I thought, but my son moved in with me when he was 12 and I was finally doing the heavy-lifting for a while until he graduated high school. After that, I was offered an opportunity to work for a real estate development operation as it’s operations manager during the hey-day of the real estate boom. I left the warm comfortable teets of government service once again to try my hand in the corporate sector.

For nearly 7 years, I made more money than I ever thought I would. Of course, I gained lots of new knowledge and expertise in other areas, made new friends and associates, and bagged new and different types of experiences which have further broadened my repertoire of ideas, some of which may leak onto the pages of my blog now and then. That job also prepared me for the full time job that I have now.

Moving forward, when the economy collapsed and the real estate market fell with it, my employers who tried their best to keep me employed as long as possible, ended up with no choice but to lay me off. They were incredibly generous and kind to me and I respect them so much. But, I was unemployed for nearly a year. While waiting for a job, I went back to college to work on my writing skills and a few other neglected things.

During that time, I also opened a defense contracting business with some friends called Jericho Defense Corp.. Headquartered in Miami, FL, where two of the partners resided, we started with the intent of providing specialized firearms and hand-to-hand combat training for the DOD and in particular SOC. I had developed a very specialized system of combat handgun shooting and my friend and long-time sensei had developed and we worked to interlace my system with his. Since I had studied in his same system, it was pretty natural to lattice the two systems into one.

That company took on a new direction after one of the partners had the idea to develop command & control software for autonomously operated drones that would provide a mesh network on the battlespace for military applications. As the architect of that project, he and the team took that project to the moon and back and we really thought it would take us places. We demonstrated the system at Aberdeen and took it across the country with rave reviews from the highest of ranks. But, alas, one partner poisoned the entire project which left a bad aftertaste for the rest of us. We closed the company, sold the remnants and moved/sold that original training element to another corporation that we had started.

Oh well, you can’t have everything. So, in the mean time, I accepted a position with Bedford County government as it’s county planner. I was also offered the Director position over the Codes and Zoning office and the I.T. Dept. which i accepted. Then, later and in my spare time (what little I have) I opened a gun range with an old friend in Chapel Hill, TN.

So, you can see that I have a wide range of knowledge and experiences that I hope will allow me to tap into some kernal of wisdom or develop an idea which will peak the interest of at least one follower. Maybe two. If you like what your’re reading, please click the like button so I will at least know that someone out there is enjoying something about what I’m doing. That said, you know I’m doing it for my own release but it sure is nice to know that someone else in the world agrees with me.


Chris White


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